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Young children delight in meeting Nature’s Critters animal ambassadors and getting a chance to touch her animal friends. Some children learn for the first time that animals are not scary. We believe that by exposing children at a young age to these gentle creatures they will learn the value of all living things and not develop irrational fears. Hopefully, they can share this respect with their families and others throughout their lives. Most importantly…it is a fun memorable event for even the youngest preschooler!

Animal Presentation Daycare ProgramPrograms last about 45 minutes. Each child will have the opportunity to touch the animals with a ‘gentle’ touch being emphasized. We help children build their self-esteem by overcoming their fears and celebrating the pride of accomplishment. Programs are age appropriate and can be designed to suit individual needs.

“Hop, Slither and Waddle” Ages 3 to 5

This program is designed for young children. Preschoolers will look at the different ways animals move…some can walk on four legs, six legs, eight legs or no legs at all! Some animals hop, some slither, some waddle and some fly.

“Hidden In Plain Sight” All Ages

Now you see them, now you don’t. Colors and patterns describe camouflage in this program. A variety of different animals (amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and bugs) will visit the classroom to delight the youngsters.

“What’s For Lunch?” All Ages

How do animals use their 5 senses to find food? Kids will meet decomposers, herbivores, insectivores, carnivores and omnivores in this fun program on what animals eat. We will also look at animals which are able to provide for themselves at birth and those that rely on their mothers.

“Radical Reptiles” All Ages

How are reptiles different from us? Kids discover that we have a lot in common with our scaly friends when live reptiles (snakes, lizards and turtles) visit the classroom and dispel misconceptions kids have about these gentle animals. Touching and holding Lisa’s reptiles create a bond of trust between child and critter.

“Where The Wild Critters Are” All Ages

The difference between wild animals and pets are explained in this program which highlights a variety of different habitats where wild animals live. Kids meet animals from wetlands, deserts, mountains, woodlands, tropical rainforests and grasslands.

“Amazing Animals” All Ages

This program introduces the “super-heroes” of the animal kingdom. Kids meet animals that have amazing adaptations-fur, quills, feathers and scales and delight in touching and learning about them.

“Nocturnal Critters” All Ages

While we are sleeping, some animals are wide-awake and, using their 5 senses, they manage to find everything they need in the dark. Kids will meet some amazing nocturnal animals and learn about their unique adaptations.

“Who’s My Mom?” All Ages

Animal families are different from ours. Some critters never know their mothers while others depend on them for survival. Kids meet a variety of different types of animals ranging from bugs to mammals.

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"To keep a child's sense of wonder, one must share with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world." -Rachel Carson