Government Organizations

Societies Promoting Animal Welfare

  • Bay Area Amphibians & Reptiles Society
  • Northern California Herpetological Society
    NCHS is a non-profit organization devoted to serving a variety of constituents: those interested in conservation of native reptile and amphibian species; those wishing to buy and sell captive-bred specimens; and those who want to enhance their general knowledge of and acquaintance with herpetoculture.
  • Placer County SPCA | (916) 782-SPCA (7722) or (530) 885-7387
    The mission of the Placer SPCA is to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve animal suffering and ensure animal welfare, provide humane and animal care education, encourage and support the human-animal bond in our community, and encourage participation by all in a cooperative, on-going manner.
  • Sacramento County SPCA | (916) 383-PETS (7387)
    A non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the humane treatment of all animals in the Sacramento area.
  • Wildlife Care Association | (916) 338-2774
    WCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance for orphaned or injured wildlife in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area.



  • Sacramento Zoo | (916) 264-5888
    The mission of the Sacramento Zoological Society is to inspire appreciation, understanding and respect for all living things through stimulating education, wholesome recreation and innovative species management.
  • Folsom Zoo | (916) 351-3527
    Since 1963, this small unique California zoo has been providing sanctuary to some very special animals. All are non-releasable. Many were raised, and rejected, as wild pets. Others were injured or orphaned in the wild. Most are native to North America. All have names and personalities, and their individual stories are posted at the exhibits, along with factual, up-to-date information about their species.

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