Animal Presentation ScoutsLisa has worked with scouts of ALL ages. Her love of nature has influenced many boys and girls to value and treasure our wildlife friends. She has worked with leaders to design programs to satisfy badge requirements; entertained at Blue and Gold banquets, pack meetings and den meetings; and has performed at national conferences. Her own personal experiences in the Girl Scouts of America and as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America have enabled her to appreciate the importance of youth involvement in making our planet a healthy home for all life. She can work with small or large audiences. Programs last between 45 to 60 minutes. Programs are age appropriate and can be designed to suit individual needs.

“Animals From Around The World”

A journey from California to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and North America. Scouts meet live animals representing different parts of the world, learn what special contributions these animals make, and how we can all make a difference in maintaining a healthy planet.

“Going, Going…Gone!”

Why are animals disappearing? How many species are we losing each year? This program uses live animals to illustrate how factors such as population growth, habitat destruction and lifestyle choices impact wildlife. Scouts come away with five things they can do to help protect plant and animal species.

“Radical Reptiles”

Are reptiles really different from us? The similarities and differences between people and our scaly relatives will be explored. Scouts will learn about the important jobs reptiles do and what we can do to help them. Live reptiles will dispel the myths and misconceptions kids learn about these gentle animals.

“One World-One Family”

Important jobs are performed by some very unusual animals. Decomposers, pollinators, seed dispersers and predators will teach scouts how balance in nature is essential. Diversity and respect are emphasized in this engaging program featuring animals from around the world.