Special Events – Hands on Tables

Animal Presentation Special EventsAre you looking for an exciting and different educational presentation at your special event? Nature’s Critters animal ambassadors  have visited thousands of people over the years. We have performed at, large company picnics, public institutions, nature centers, city festivals, church bazaars, scouting events..…anyplace where her message of stewardship and respect for our planet can be delivered.

Nature’s Critters is fully insured.

For informal presentations, a ‘hands-on’ table or what we affectionately call the “petting zoo” is recommended where a variety of different animals are put on display for people to touch. It is a one-on-one opportunity for people to talk to Lisa. In setting up for ‘hands-on’ tables, it is vital that the animals have appropriate shelter and an environment conducive to their well-being. Shade must be provided if the event is to be held outdoors. The variety and number of animals vary with each event and the weather conditions.

For formal presentations, We will bring the animals out one at a time and teach the audience about them. There will be a small amount of time at the end of the presentation for questions and touching.

Animal Presentation Special EventsOur staff has been working with animals and people for over thirty years.

In addition to a Masters of Science in Biology and a B.S. in Zoology, our staff has a broad background experience with animals. Our staff has worked as a field biologist and consulted in the study of endangered birds as well as in the following areas: veterinarian technician, field ornithology consultant, wild life rehabilitation, oil spill volunteer, human society volunteer, pet therapy volunteer.

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